Save time, costs and resources with our range of specialist bead products - Using BeadMaster will ensure higher efficiencies on site and reduce costs.

What is it?

BeadMaster products deliver a perfect finish around sockets, switches, downlights and sprinklers; first time, every time.

How does it work?

The plastic cover plate is stapled to the plasterboard, enabling plasterers to skim over socket, switch, downlight and sprinkler holes quickly and easily. The centre is then removed to reveal smooth, rigid edges and a perfect finish.

What does it mean for you?

Not only does BeadMaster enable your plasterers and electricians to work together safely and happily (see, miracles can happen), it also delivers an immaculate finish first time, which reduces time spent on re-work and snagging. Like all great inventions, it’s hard to believe no one has come up with the idea of BeadMaster until now.

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Less snagging
and re‑work
Enhances your reputation
Efficiently run
100% recyclable
PP5 rated

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you provide BeadMaster demonstrations?

    Yes, we will visit your site or trade centre to demonstrate the advantages of the product and provide installation advice.

  • Do you have recommended BeadMaster installers?

    We are working with a number of installers and aim to provide a BeadMaster Pro accreditation.

  • Where can I find BeadMaster stockists?

    Please contact us directly on 087 9281219.

  • Can the outlet remain live while I install BeadMaster?

    Yes, this is the great advantage of the product, ensure the live wires are terminated correctly, for example with a Wago terminal.

  • What happens when there are multiple sockets close together?

    The external flange can be trimmed, ensure additional staples are used to fix the bead in place.

  • Can BeadMaster products be recycled?

    Yes it is 100% recyclable.

  • Is this fire rated?

    The product has a flame retardant additive which achieves a UL94 V2 rating, the product will self-extinguish within 30 seconds.

  • Is this IP54 rated?

    Yes, provided the product is stapled in position and is not pierced prior to plastering.

  • Can I paint the wall/ceiling before removing the centre section?

    Yes, the centre section can be removed after the plaster is dry or alternatively after the paint is dry.

  • What size downlight does this take?

    We offer three separate sizes covering holes from 46mm through to 86mm; view the Products for more details.

  • What size Switch / Socket does this take?

    The product is designed to suit the standard size single switch & socket at 74 × 74mm and double at 134 × 74mm.

  • What size cut-out is required?

    The min & max values for the cut outs are defined on each product page; simply select the product of interest the Products page.

  • How do I install Beadmaster products?

    On each BeadMaster product page you’ll find an easy to download Install Guide; just select the product of interest on the Products page.

  • "I used the downlight bead and fitted these. The plasterer had not seen this idea before and was amazed how easy it made plastering the ceiling — no plaster down the back of the neck. I would definitely recommend these products."
    Richard Popple
    "Definitely saved time. No need to measure up and cut out once plastered. Yes, I’d use them again."
    Adam Shephard
    "I thought they were a brilliant idea and the finish was exceptional. Overall, I saved about €700 on my build as there were no revisits to make good."
    Chris Turner
    GCT Builders